Sick :-(

I got sick. And so did both of the other programmers on my team! We all showed up with tissues and decongestant in hand on Monday.

Sick. Moos keeping me company.

This picture was taken on Sunday morning. I barely slept, and once the sun came up I moved to the couch (for the change of scenery, I guess). Moos moved with me. I like to think she was really sorry that I felt so bad, but who am I kidding? Moos is a cat!

The last time I felt so bad was in 2009. I remember walking to the campus health center all weak. I was crying because I usually weave through the crowds walking on Bruin Walk to get to my destination the fastest, but that day I was just shuffling along on the side of the walkway feeling sorry for myself.


Thankfully most of the weekend chores were done the day before. I spent my Sunday just lounging around, perfecting Pink Floyd on the guitar, learning how to play Skinny Love on the piano, and responding to dove calls on the balcony. I tried to take a walk in the afternoon (it was a gorgeous day), and I had to sit down on the side of the road at one point. Sad.

I'm still recovering, but definitely can't complain. I feel much, much better than I did on Sunday.


  1. The fastest recovery to you!
    Hey, post the video of you playing the guitar, please.

  2. Татьяна ГальченкоApril 25, 2012 at 9:27 AM

    Надеюсь все самое страшное позади. Сочувствую. Выздоравливай быстрее. Люблю, целую, мама.

  3. Hope you feel better soon! Try grabbing some "Wellness Formula" from TJ's or Wholefoods if you haven't already. The stuff smells unpleasant but it works wonders.

    What Pink Floyd song are you learning on guitar?

    1. The arpeggio run from "Is There Anybody Out There?"


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