Piano-Loving Cat


I wanted to share this funny cat habit. I got an electric piano a few months ago. It came with a piano bench that the cats were strangely wary of at first. But recently Tigger has taken to dropping whatever she is doing and leaping onto the bench with me the moment I start playing.

I was really surprised when she first did it, so I started petting her, and she quickly got disinterested. When I started playing again, though, she jumped back up. Now I just continue playing and she happily sits there in the weekend sun with me listening to my interpretation of Chopin. Isn't she a cutie?

Moosya has no interest in the piano. But the moment she hears me get behind my computer desk, she runs right over and jumps up on my desk and then my lap. They probably just see me as captive audience when I sit down to play the piano/work on my computer, or maybe I'm reading too much into it and they're just cats with silly habits. Either way, they are my favorite.


  1. Cutie, cutie... :-)

  2. Aw! She is sooo cute :) Obviously she must like your piano tunes! Cats are really the cutest sometimes.


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