Color Challenge

I saw this challenge on Garance's blog yesterday, threw all the productivity nonsense talk out of the window, and decided to give it a try. (That's my score above.)

Apparently men and women have different sensitivity to colors. How odd? Let's see if it's true. Take the test, take the test!


  1. Thank goodness that my self-esteem doesn't get fully annihilated when I get shitty scores. I got a shitty score. Fuck you ColorIQ Challenge.

    Also, stop posting these quizzes on here. So fun, so distracting and definitely not focusing! :)

  2. BOOM, I have perfect color vision!

    Though, I will state that this test largely depends on the color reproduction of your monitor (blame your monitor, Jennifer!).

  3. Fun fact: Did you know mice are colorblind?


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