Things That Made My Week

photo via thru hiker

My week started off pretty rough with my (new and) only teammate quitting on Monday. He packed up his stuff the same day and left me to finish this project alone. I was pretty panicked at first, but every day I felt more and more sure that I could finish it before the deadline. So, yay, confidence. Tell me something good that happened this week, hm? (Or just show me a good cat gif.)

Here are a few of the highlights from my week:
- tj's apple cider
- new arcade fire album (especially 1, 4, 12, 13)
- this clever awareness test. i failed. did you pass?
- the best lifehacks ever
- despite my dislike for cupcakes, these pumpkin ones turned out pretty delish
- this map of the u.s. labelled by an australian (caution: copious use of comic sans)
- fun size twix
- finally having permission to leave without the drama (via emily)
- steven alan reverse seam shirts

Who has weekend plans?? I'm pretty sure my leftover pearl sugar (from this) is going down tomorrow morning. Also, this is my Sunday plan. (Yep. My weekend plans revolve around food.) Hope you have a delicious weekend!

a song for your saturday morning :) xo


  1. I failed the awareness test years ago, as did a couple people I sent it to. Nonetheless I am disappointed in you; you should have a heightened ability to trivially keep track of flying objects in the air. :P

    Nothing good happened to me this week (obviously I need to work on my gratitude practice) so here's the closest thing to a cat gif I have, cracks me up:

    Doing the work of 2 people = SuperOlga. Dislike of cupcakes = who are you?

    Enjoy your well-earned deliciousness. :)

    1. That dog is terrifying! And also amazing.

      Reasons cupcakes are overrated:
      a) frosting on your face
      b) paper liners
      c) you get too much frosting in first bites and not enough in others
      d) they're really not finger food, so I might as well have cake (which brings me to my last point)
      e) i think that people make cupcakes because they think that layered cake is difficult to frost. It's not, and it's strictly better than cupcakes.

  2. Something good that happened this week:
    I laughed. I laughed so hard; I fell to the floor and cried. No shame because it was awesome.

    The best part about that map: South-west Vaginia.

    1. YES. That was my favorite too. Subtle, but good.

  3. Replies
    1. Hahahhah. Catttssss.

      One of my cats loves cheese. Her breath smells horrid after eating it (she likes the hard stinky varieties), but she has never thrown up after eating it.


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