On Napping at Work

yup. that's me in in the gray sweatshirt at entrepreneurship lecture (engr 111 @ ucla)

I did it. You guys, I've finally mastered the art of napping at work.

OK, you know how you start yawning after lunch? Your eyelids get heavy. You find yourself checking HN more often. I used to kind of slog through it and hope for the best, but no longer! I take a cue from my college days (when hours were long and lecture was boring) and assume the head down on the desk posish.     Turn down the volume, turn on your napping playlist (15 min // 30 min), and you are set.

Fifteen minutes later, when Tycho is finishing up their funky groove, you wake up... err, very squinty. So, turn off your desk lamp. After a few seconds, once your eyes have adjusted, you feel refreshed, and ready to get shit done. So, while your coworkers yawn and whine about needing sleep, you are snapping necks and cashing checks.

P.S. More nap wisdom.