Boyfriend Jeans

Bf jeans have got to be up there with harem pants in the list of man repelling clothing. And I haven't always been a fan either.

There was slight spike in my curiosity when Claire Underwood wore her lover's (from an extramarital affair) clothes. She looked amazing, obviously. Whatever interest Claire generated, however, died when Emily did a post on bf jeans. :( Each pair made her look...meh. And she's gorgeous!

Cue my coworker (the lovely lady who sold me her bike!) in these. After months of hemming and hawing, I finally went to the store and tried them on. They're awesome. I mean, yes, they're comfortable. But they also make me look roughly 10x cooler than I really am. The Madewell model is doing them no justice.

Only downside: my coworker and I have to coordinate the days we get to man-repel. :)

she's so fineeee / and i like sometimes to wave it high, up where everyone can see / i'm a ladyyyy