My Rick Owens Jacket


This is "Ricky" (placed stupidly within cat's reach). I bought it almost year ago. Even though it has gotten a lot wear since then, I'm still slightly embarrassed about having spent 3x the worth of my car on a light jacket. What compelled me to do such a thing? I haven't been able to adequately put it in words.

Until somebody else did. A dearest friend sent me the link this morning, and I was nodding along before even clicking on the url. Ms. Choi captured the feeling precisely.

Have you ever bought anything embarrassingly expensive? I think getting this jacket is my only experience thus far.


  1. Embarrassing? Absolutely. Expensive? In aggregate, yes. I once spent .7x the worth of your car on 100 t-shirts with a critical design flaw.

    1. Fine. Notice the placement of the two circular objects.

    2. Bahahhaah. So good. or it didn't happen (of the placement of the two circular objects on a human body).

    3. You're in luck. I thought I had erased all traces of this, but I guess not. This is good humility practice for me.


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