2 inches

Even though I've always wanted to be taller, I rarely wear heeled shoes. But I dusted off these boots the other day, and it just felt so right. I became the perfect height. (Even rode my bike to the grocery store in these.)

Just out of curiosity, I checked the heel height. A measly two inches. Two inches! Really, life? Was two extra inches too much to ask for? What a joke.


  1. 1. SWOONING over the fact that you own those beauties.
    2. I couldn't agree more about the perfection of 2 inches! Totally feasible and comfortable but it seriously makes a world of difference. I even went for 2-inch wedged sandals this past summer ... never turning back.

    1. Yep. Any taller that 2 inches, and I feel like I'm walking on stilts. No idea how people pull it off.

  2. "Really, life? Was two extra inches too much to ask for?"

    A lot of guys probably share your sentiments :)


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