Jackie is my good friend, and also a huge style inspiration. Every time we hang out, I try to pick her brain on how she chooses a belt, or where she got her blazer, or what she looks for in a button-down or a scarf. She just knows.

Several weeks ago, Jackie casually mentioned she was considering donning a jumpsuit for her work's holiday party. My jaw dropped. How cool is she? Obviously, not 2 minutes later, I was trolling Rent the Runway for my own jumpsuit. That's when I spotted this beaut.

Jackie ended up forgoing the jumpsuit she rented in favor of a trusty dress standby. (And that's the beauty of Jackie. She knows when it's right.) I went back and forth, and was ultimately convinced to go for it by the dude in the photo. ("You know you want to." Much wise.)

Not sure how much the jumpsuit had to do with it, but I had an awesome time.