25 - A State of the Union Address

photo by jenna 07/30/2015

Hi, whoever is still reading this. Probably just my older self. Hey, you! Do I seem like a baby at 25? All I want to know is, do I still have acne in the future? Is my dog just the best? Does everything turn out ok? Oof. I digress.

Let's tally up 24, shall we?

- took two trips abroad, including a solo trip (greece/switzerlandsweden/norway)
- learned a ton from incredibly smart people at Remind
- related: became a backend engineer :)
- wore a jumpsuit!
- got anxious a lot
- learned from mistakes I made last year
- made more mistakes this year
- including bouncing a check. twice.
- so.many.videosdid.i.go.overboard.on.the.videos? really?!
- met a dude who is the happiest, and says 'yes' to just about anything
- made many lattes, rode a ripstik, switched to all white bed-linens, tried wakeboarding
- lärde mig svenska!
- forgot I have a blog
- shipped one meh update to Cake

For what it's worth, it's been a good, tough year. I really feel like I've picked it up. Certainly, I've grown significantly career-wise. Personal development is much harder to access. Mostly, I'm proud that I'm making objective changes to how I conduct my life. Even if I made mistakes to get there.

There are still awful days I feel completely worthless. And even more days when I'm a nervous wreck. :( Maybe next year I could have fewer of those? Plz?

As I say year after year, I am truly grateful for my fun life.

Grateful for the backpacking trips I get to take. Grateful for the food I can afford to buy, cook, and share. Grateful for the people who continue to support me. Grateful to have a comfortable bed, to share it with two warm furry monkeys, in a breezy bedroom that overlooks a currently active building site. :)

P.S. Watsi + Kitten Rescue donations pending my paycheck. Oj då. Any other organizations worth checking out?
P.P.S. Backpacking Big Sur this weekend!


  1. ugh. love you so hard. so proud.

  2. You're a trooper, Olga. Happy birthday. Add to all the good things you have add this kitten video. You are welcome in advance. https://youtu.be/DcoI_aU-CIQ

  3. I am really happy that your sharing your videos!!


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