Insights into Sexism

photo of astrid lindgren

This study  confirms what we've always known to be true. Only the losers are sexist.

We show that lower-skilled players were more hostile towards a female-voiced teammate, especially when performing poorly. In contrast, lower-skilled players behaved submissively towards a male-voiced player in the identical scenario. We suggest that low-status males increase female-directed hostility to minimize the loss of status as a consequence of hierarchical reconfiguration resulting from the entrance of a woman into the competitive arena. Higher-skilled players, in contrast, were more positive towards a female relative to a male teammate. As higher-skilled players have less to fear from hierarchical reorganization, we argue that these males behave more positively in an attempt to support and garner a female player's attention.

Keep on keeping on, ladies! And don't date losers. (Or if you must, make it short.)

P.S. Gahhh. I love science. :)
(study via coquette)


  1. So so true. I felt like I always knew this , but there is the actualy study that shows it. Thank you. And I really like your subtle introductuction to Swedishness :)

  2. PS: not as provoking - but still interesting:


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