Svenska Kurs

photo via johner

I started a Swedish class last night!

So far, my quest to learn a language has been mostly a solo endeavor:
- started Duolingo (01/09/2015)
- finished the Duolingo Swedish course (06/27/2015)
- able to talk shit with Alex (07/31/2015)
- started reading Harry Potter och de Vises Sten (08/03/2015)

I've learned lots on my own. But ever since I finished the Duolingo tree it's become a little boring. And reading a book is hard and lonely. Remind offers everyone a $500 learning credit, so I thought I'd look for Swedish classes. That's how I found Scandinavian School!

I placed into Upper Intermediate class with Pia, and I couldn't be more stoked to be learning with a real teacher and 8 other students. I was grinning like an idiot the whole class yesterday. :)


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