Wonderland Trail | Day 3

One advantage of the Mowich Lake campsite is that you have a great view of the sky. Alex woke me up to show me the stars. You could see the milky way.

Up at 5:40. Got our food from the bear container. Alex was like wait it’s too early. I never know what time it is when I wake up. I just figure if it’s light out, it’s already too late. Went back to sleep for another 30 minutes. 

Another try with Skurka mashed potatoes and I really nailed it this time. 5/5 from Alex. We fit two portions into my little 700 ml pot. :chefs-kiss:

Hiking at 7:30. My body is definitely feeling the hike today. I think I pulled something in my hip flexor yesterday when I stumbled on a root and caught myself. Given that this hike is for my 30th birthday, me complaining about my body hurting only makes sense. 

Down an easy-ish downhill to Mowich River, then up to Golden Lakes today. We stopped at this mossy bridge a little after crossing Mowich River. It was the last water source before Golden Lakes, so we took a break to eat a couple of bars, take pictures, and just hang out. I never wanted to leave. I kept saying, this is my favorite place. It was sooooo cool, you just have to take my word for it.

Easy uphill to Golden Lakes. We got there at 1 and found a spot to take an extended break. I waded in the water, we had trail mix, Alex took a nap, I just closed my eyes and listened to my book. I was so happy, I actually teared up.

Back on the trail at 2:02. I was feeling good and ready to go and Alex was like, “don’t you wish we were done for the day?” Bahahah Alex is not cut out to be a through hiker.

We pushed on. My hip was really bothering me then. But it was a pretty easy downhill, so not too bad. The last water was 0.5 mile from camp, so we filled up 3 liters and trudged up the last hill.

I finished my book (Commonwealth) a few steps away from camp. Arrived here at 5:30. We took some photos, had ramen and beef stroganoff pouch for dinner. Then we hobbled over to the bridge over North Puyallup River, which was incredible. I took my shoes off and just laid in the sun with my feet dangling off the edge. It was relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.

Having tea and getting ready for bed. We might listen to a podcast in the tent. It’s 7:31.