Day 52: Moonlight sonata


We have new skylights as of Friday! Our pitched roofs have been leaking since we moved in 3.5 years ago. We've had this reroofing project in the works since beginning of 2022, but hilariously demolition and construction didn't start until I was well into third trimester and rainy season was just starting. Anyway, reroofing is finally nearing the end and we have new skylights. It's great.

We had a busy day today. Took advantage of a break in the rain to take a sunny 4-ish mile walk, then went to a neighbor's Lunar New Year party. It was drizzling when we walked over the neighbors and it was really coming down on the way back. Tommy was strapped to my chest with my old ass synthetic Patagonia puffy over both of us. So cozy! Gochujang sloppy joes for dinner. Bedtime at 7 pm. 

Alex is on the phone with his mom in the living room. Tommy is kind of fussy after all the excitement today, so I'm sitting on the yoga ball rocking him in a dark bedroom. We're listening to Champagne Problems from this playlist. We are both looking up at the moon through the new skylight. Sky had cleared but there is still a million raindrops on the skylight. The moon is reflected in all the raindrops making it look like glitter. I'm telling him that the moon not a light source itself, it's just reflecting the sun. I look down and say, "Isn't that wild?" and he smiles at me. He is so beautiful it makes me cry.