Friday, November 28, 2014

Best Kind Of Friday

If there's one holiday I can get behind it's Black Friday and (especially) Cyber Monday. I've been flying my capitalist freak flag with this tiny dollar stud, and you should too!

I'm not in the market for anything. But I do love giving out unsolicited recommendations:

- shopbop (up to 25% off GOBIG14). I'd go for the basics booties | jeans | l/s tee | softest underwear.
- equipment (25% off THANKS). Silk, duh. This is always a safe bet.
- aether (15% off BLACK15OFF). This is the first thing I put on when I get home. I'd love to cozy up with this.
- emerson fry (20% off SHOPFROMBED14). I'd layer a turtleneck under this number.
- everlane is donating all their profits today. (I've been wearing this sweater nonstop.)
- eberjey (20% off STAYCOZY). (These are softer than you can imagine. Also, this and this.)

Hope you have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holidays, Shmolidays

photo via cwk

Just can't get into it. (I'm sure I'll  roll my eyes reading this at some point.) 

Mama and Vova are leaving for Tahoe for the weekend, Forrest is off to Hong Kong. I'll be chilling at home with the shittens finishing the app I abandoned when I started at Remind, seeing how many books I can get through, and maybe smackin' it, smackin' it in da air :)

If you're actually doing Thanksgiving, here's an excellent guide.
Else, here's a dog video.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014



Oh, the sass. You likely failed to notice because you're blinded by the sheer sass of this photo, but I'm sporting the coolest necklace. Of a Kind had a popup shop in SF a couple of weekends ago. I picked it up then, and haven't taken it off since.

Those cussin' black diamond eyes! (Totally channeling Fantastic Mr. Fox.)

Monday, November 24, 2014

On Code Review

photo via feathery 

This past week had been a tough one. I'll just say that it culminated in doing jumping jacks in the office bathroom in attempt to make my face look like I haven't been crying in time for standup. (It totally works, guys.) I was crying over a fucking code review.

I know. It sounds silly, but I assure you, it did not seem silly in the moment (and several hours after the moment, if I'm being honest). I talked to Vova about how to approach receiving and giving a code review. Apparently thinking about how I would have solved the problem, and then diff-ing it with how the author of the code solved it is not the way. And that's what I've done for every one of my code reviews. :( Clearly a change of perspective is in order.

Then, Forrest forwarded me this article. This is the story of a negative review mindset:
Author: I’ve done a lot of coding, and I’m proud of it. I really want to merge, but I need to ask someone to check my work.
Reviewer: I’m busy with my own code, but now I’ve got yet another task to do.
Author: This may take a long time…
Reviewer: Someone is touching my code, and I’d better make sure they don’t mess it up.
Author: hmm… I don’t think the reviewer even understands what I’m trying to do.
This is spot on. I had no idea I had a negative code review mindset. Something to think about this week.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Beirut Practice


What's this? Oh, nothing. Just my cat being the coolest, helping me become the best beer pong player I can be. She's such a patient coach.

P.S. In case you've doubted it, Quora is good for everything (even beer pong practice tips).

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


photo via

Turtlenecks. Do you wear them?

Every Russian winter outfit starts with tights and a turtleneck. And before you're out the door, you might find yourself wearing another (thicker) one. Double trouble. Naturally, I have a lot of ...itchy memories associated with turtlenecks.

I think I'm ready to give it another try this season. I'm starting slow and smooth with this number. Shift dresses in the back of my closet, I'm coming for you!

P.S. Fun fact: my nickname used to be Turtle.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bad Train Week

Bad train week.

This has been a long week. Daylight saving, trying to meet a deadline at work, gloomy days, no more Mad Men, a spot on my favorite pants. Things have just been bumming me out lately. And Caltrain hasn't been helping.

M: #217 terminated. My train (#221) 20 min late and combined with #217.
T: #284 stuck at Hillsdale behind a stalled train. (Got a ton of work done though!)
W: No problems! Standing room only, but that's a good day on the Caltrain.
R: #221 engine stalled. We all piled into #225. (See photo.) 
F: Nothing would surprise me.

Hope your week has been better than mine.

 ♫ youtube | spotify

P.S. Oh, hey! This is my 700th post.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Don Draper Worthy Commercial

via forrest

Now, this is a time-lapse. People make such cool things!

I'd love to live in both of these cities at some point in my life. But when? Life's too short. :(

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Barre Class

photo via photosfordancers

I'm taking a barre class at Avant Barre today.

I'm slightly embarrassed because, let's be honest, barre class is just bastardized ballet. It feels like I'm cheating. But! It's so close to the office, and so much more convenient than any ballet studio, and dat perfect 5-star Yelp rating.

We'll see if I can get through the class without rolling my eyes.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Past Is Prologue

I've been listening to Tycho's Past Is Prologue a lot recently. (You can listen to the whole album here, which is how you should be listening to it anyway.) Something about this cooler weather and foggy mornings that's making me choose this album.

Pbs is a favorite, of course. Two things:
- drop ~1:42*
- "what are you? free!" ~2:52
* times for the album version of the song, here

P.S. Will you tell me if this is crazy person music? Preferably before I recommend it to everyone in the office.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Curious Case of the Matching Shoes


I've been on a quest to make female friends. And this stylish lady with the coolest haircut just dropped in my lap on Tuesday. We were wearing the same exact shoes, and stuck on a crowded CalTrain. It was such kismet.

Unfortunately, I was too much of a coward to talk to her. And watched as she exited the train in slow motion. :(

P.S. These are the shoes we're wearing, if you're curious.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Storing Bread

photo via food52

This is a major problem, friends. Since I typically don't consume a loaf of bread within a reasonable amount of time, I need a way to keep it fresh. I've thrown away too many half-eatten hard as a rock baguettes, batards, and brioches.

I used to slice bread as soon as I got home from the store, and throw it in the freezer. It's still a pretty great method. The only downside is you have to toast the bread (aaaand no stale bread for french toast/bread pudding). Toasted bread is beautiful, of course. But I kind of missed the non-toasted option.

Putting it in a plastic bag doesn't work. Instead of getting stale, it gets moldy, or both!

The other day I was hanging out on food52. (Fair warning. That thing is dangerous. One minute you're bookmarking a brussels sprouts recipe, the next you're putting a $600 set of french steak knives in your shopping cart. Browse at your own risk.) And this bee's wrap came up. I've been using it for a month now, and it totally works!

I know they market it as plastic wrap replacement. Ehh. I wouldn't go that far. But bread storage? :ok-hand:

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Office Breakfast

Remind breakfast

This is what breakfast at the Remind office looks like. (Minus the Vaseline :) We have the best office ops team. Lauren and Brenda cut up fruit in the morning and afternoon. Keeps me from binging on sour gummy worms all day.

In other sort of work-related news:
-- ODESZA is my jam at work
-- 0% yogurt is awful
-- baseball season is over!!!!
-- twofish is on the way to work and has earl grey tea latte and breakfast calzones

Oh, and I love it here.

She A Go

This is fantastic. A rap video made entirely of office stock footage.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mt. Tamalpais Backpacking

I just realized I never posted the video of the backpacking trip I took a few weeks ago. As you can tell, I banana-ed up the sunrise time-lapse a little bit.

Shooting a time-lapse is an investment of sorts. It requires you to set up the camera as quickly as you can without missing the movement you're trying to capture, and then hope for the best for an extended period of time. I'm an anxious person to begin with, and shooting a time-lapse makes me seriously twitchy. Do I continue to adjust the camera settings, or just roll with it because holy-shit-the-sun-is-coming-up? Did I set it up right? Should I give up on what's in progress and start over because I can see I made a mistake? Is it fixable?

Screwing up a time-lapse is never fun. But it's even less fun when you carried 10 pounds of camera equipment, in addition to your backpacking stuff, up 2,572 feet to capture this moment.

P.S. And photos from the trip, if you'd like to see.