Past Is Prologue

I've been listening to Tycho's Past Is Prologue a lot recently. (You can listen to the whole album here, which is how you should be listening to it anyway.) Something about this cooler weather and foggy mornings that's making me choose this album.

Pbs is a favorite, of course. Two things:
- drop ~1:42*
- "what are you? free!" ~2:52
* times for the album version of the song, here

P.S. Will you tell me if this is crazy person music? Preferably before I recommend it to everyone in the office.


  1. votesCrazyPersonMusic++;

    It's Nov 10th, 2014: Pink Floyd's new album was released today. The title of this post should be "The Endless River" and you shouldn't be listening to anything but that album, crazy person.


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