Storing Bread

photo via food52

This is a major problem, friends. Since I typically don't consume a loaf of bread within a reasonable amount of time, I need a way to keep it fresh. I've thrown away too many half-eatten hard as a rock baguettes, batards, and brioches.

I used to slice bread as soon as I got home from the store, and throw it in the freezer. It's still a pretty great method. The only downside is you have to toast the bread (aaaand no stale bread for french toast/bread pudding). Toasted bread is beautiful, of course. But I kind of missed the non-toasted option.

Putting it in a plastic bag doesn't work. Instead of getting stale, it gets moldy, or both!

The other day I was hanging out on food52. (Fair warning. That thing is dangerous. One minute you're bookmarking a brussels sprouts recipe, the next you're putting a $600 set of french steak knives in your shopping cart. Browse at your own risk.) And this bee's wrap came up. I've been using it for a month now, and it totally works!

I know they market it as plastic wrap replacement. Ehh. I wouldn't go that far. But bread storage? :ok-hand: