Mt. Tamalpais Backpacking

I just realized I never posted the video of the backpacking trip I took a few weeks ago. As you can tell, I banana-ed up the sunrise time-lapse a little bit.

Shooting a time-lapse is an investment of sorts. It requires you to set up the camera as quickly as you can without missing the movement you're trying to capture, and then hope for the best for an extended period of time. I'm an anxious person to begin with, and shooting a time-lapse makes me seriously twitchy. Do I continue to adjust the camera settings, or just roll with it because holy-shit-the-sun-is-coming-up? Did I set it up right? Should I give up on what's in progress and start over because I can see I made a mistake? Is it fixable?

Screwing up a time-lapse is never fun. But it's even less fun when you carried 10 pounds of camera equipment, in addition to your backpacking stuff, up 2,572 feet to capture this moment.

P.S. And photos from the trip, if you'd like to see.