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Day 3 | mile 30 - 46.2

The tent didn’t collapse!! The wind actually died down and we slept well. Woke up to condensation inside the tent and frost outside.Since we had 11 miles and 8000 ft of elevation gain before Mt. Laguna, we decided to eat breakfast. Selby and I shared dinosaur egg oatmeal, coffee, and the bagel Alex got me before the trip.
A bunch of our clothes were still wet from laundry and Selby and I had to brave putting on frozen cold clothes. We climbed out of Kitchen Creek and came across a road. It was pretty so we stopped to take photos. The hike was beautiful today. Miles flew by as Selby caught me up on her friends. Pretty soon we caught up to Matt. He tagged along in the back. Matt is Australian and says "hey?" after a lot of sentences. Like "this pack is pretty light, hey?" (His pack is very heavy. Selby gave him a tentative trail name - Sriracha. Because he is carrying a whole bottle of it.)
Paddles caught up to us shortly and tagged along as well. We all rolled into Mt…

Day 2 | mile 15 - 30

Packed up and hiked out at 6:30. After hiking a few minutes I realized I forgot to tie my shoes. Hiking with my wind pants and rain jacket and felt amazing. The views coming out of Hauser Creek were spectacular. We decided to not have breakfast and hike to the Malt Shop in Lake Morena.
Once we rolled into Lake Morena we got our first trail magic! Turns out it was the PCT kickoff. We ate clementines, bagels, and cookies. All these older hikers were telling us some stories and I totally lied about carrying paper maps because I didn’t want to argue about the place of technology on long trails.We filled up on Gatorade and walked to the malt shop. I washed my face and Selby got a burger. We split the burger and fries. The place had WiFi. We just sat catching up on instagram and posting for a while. Talked some more with Natalia (a woman we met last night). She has the same quilt, tent, and sunglasses as me. Except I just lost my sunglasses. :(We got back on the trail around 10:45. It was sa…

Day 1 | 15 miles

Got up at 4:30 am. Drove to Alex’s dad’s office to catch a Lyft. Since You’ve Been Gone playing in the Lyft.

My backpack was pulled out for screening. I was worried they’d take my tiny scissors, but they only looked at the food.
Lion King playing on the plane. Our Alaska plane looks like a virgin plane.
Alex and I get a rental car. I can’t stop crying. Got an SUV in the compact section of the rental place. Score! Breakfast burrito. Big Five for fuel. Still crying.
Pick up Selby at the airport, Brueggers’ Bagels, still crying. Spilling water all over the floor filling up bottles.
Drive to the monument. More crying. Pictures, crying, both of us this time. Touch the wall, start hiking. I feel lighter.
Selby is a joy to hike with. By chance, we wore the same-looking clothes. It was crazy.
Made it to Hauser Creek with 3 snake sightings. 15.4 miles today.