Day 1 | 15 miles

Got up at 4:30 am. Drove to Alex’s dad’s office to catch a Lyft. Since You’ve Been Gone playing in the Lyft.

My backpack was pulled out for screening. I was worried they’d take my tiny scissors, but they only looked at the food.
Lion King playing on the plane. Our Alaska plane looks like a virgin plane.
Alex and I get a rental car. I can’t stop crying. Got an SUV in the compact section of the rental place. Score! Breakfast burrito. Big Five for fuel. Still crying.
Pick up Selby at the airport, Brueggers’ Bagels, still crying. Spilling water all over the floor filling up bottles.
Drive to the monument. More crying. Pictures, crying, both of us this time. Touch the wall, start hiking. I feel lighter.
Selby is a joy to hike with. By chance, we wore the same-looking clothes. It was crazy.
Made it to Hauser Creek with 3 snake sightings. 15.4 miles today.


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