Day 3 | mile 30 - 46.2

The tent didn’t collapse!! The wind actually died down and we slept well. Woke up to condensation inside the tent and frost outside.
Since we had 11 miles and 8000 ft of elevation gain before Mt. Laguna, we decided to eat breakfast. Selby and I shared dinosaur egg oatmeal, coffee, and the bagel Alex got me before the trip.
A bunch of our clothes were still wet from laundry and Selby and I had to brave putting on frozen cold clothes.
We climbed out of Kitchen Creek and came across a road. It was pretty so we stopped to take photos.
The hike was beautiful today. Miles flew by as Selby caught me up on her friends. Pretty soon we caught up to Matt. He tagged along in the back. Matt is Australian and says "hey?" after a lot of sentences. Like "this pack is pretty light, hey?" (His pack is very heavy. Selby gave him a tentative trail name - Sriracha. Because he is carrying a whole bottle of it.)
Paddles caught up to us shortly and tagged along as well. We all rolled into Mt. Laguna at 1. Everyone is complaining about things hurting but I feel great. Nothing hurts. Probably due to my pack weight.
We road walked 0.5 miles to Pine House. Selby and I split a burger, fries, mac and cheese, and peach cobble with ice cream. We were very full, but that didn’t stop us from splitting a Twix ice cream bar once we got to the store.
Selby went ham on buying snacks. I raided the hiker box. Got tissues and 4 clementines. We also got some shitty expensive ramen and knorr pasta sides.
All 4 of us hiked another 4 miles to camp. The views really opened up to an expansive desert view. We also got caught in a crazy wind storm. We were all getting blown around and I was honestly scared. Thankfully the worst of it only lasted maybe half a mile.
We descended in elevation a bit and found an ok campsite. Still quite windy. I was just about to write "crossing my fingers the tent doesn’t blow over" but one of the stakes just got pulled out. Not crossing fingers hard enough.
Selby and I shared a ramen and hot chocolate because we were still full from lunch.
The full moon has been crazy bright. It looks like somebody is shining a headlamp at the tent. Goodnight!