Day 4 | mile 46.2 - 63.6

Got up at 6:30. Both of our sleeping bags were damp with condensation. Every time the wind blew and shook the tent, a few drops would rain on us in the tent.
Leisurely had breakfast (coffee and pop tarts). Selby tried butter coffee we got from the hiker box and it was really gross.
Finally started hiking at 8. I chatted with Alex on the phone for a while. It was nice to hear his voice. We were planning the resupply for Warner Springs. I’m pretty hungry all the time nowadays. I asked for any snack food, more ramen, and replacement sunglasses.
We went ahead of Paddles, but he caught up at the first water spot: 2-3 miles in.
We were all pretty hungry due to a lackluster breakfast. So, we stopped for an extended lunch at a picnic area at Pioneer Mail Picnic Area. Selby and I shared Pad Thai, and Oreos to make the taste of Pad Thai go away.
Several more hikers trickled in for lunch. They were all so lame that I felt lucky to have met Paddles and Sriracha. (One of them wore his inReach around his neck as he wandered out to the picnic area bathroom 300 ft away. What an explorer.)
We filled up on water and continued on. The landscape was crazy. At first it was red rocks with cliffs that dropped off into the desert. Then it was mountains with giant boulders. We maintained almost 5,000 ft of elevation with a bunch of pointless up and down (PUD). Finally, in the last mile we dropped 1,000 ft in elevation and found a campsite.

Paddles’ knee was giving him trouble, so I let him borrow my poles, and took his one pole. He actually dropped back for the last 3 miles because it was hurting so bad.
We were half done with dinner and weren’t sure we were going to see him tonight, but he strolled in after a while.
Selby and I brushed our hair for the first time this trip. She helped me with the back of it, it was very knotted. Don’t know what I’m going to do without her.
It was windy to varying degrees all day. After a while the cold and the sound of the wind in your ears just gets to you. I’d feel better after eating for a bit, then be pissed at being out here again. It was tough. I never got warm all day. I’m finally thawing our in the tent and sleeping bag now.
The plan for tomorrow is to make it to Scissors Crossing (14 miles) and hitch to Julian for some free pie!