Is This Mama?

So, I was doing this iPhoto faces thing last night. It's supposed to learn faces of people to the point where you can just search for a name and it will show you all the pictures of that person. It's kind of cool. It does really well. I only had to tag a few pictures of Vova for it to identify most of the other ones. I am not tagging myself in any of the pictures just because I rarely go to my iPhoto to look for pictures of myself. So, iPhoto keeps trying to identify all these pictures of me as Mama.
Silly computers. I do not see the resemblance of mom in these at all. (Check out Vova's suaveness though. That was taken on September 1st, 1997. My first day in 1st grade.)

Jessica, how is your iPhoto faces thing doing? Has it learned that Ayn Rand on Vova's t-shirt is not a real face yet?


  1. Hehe, I totally stopped using that thing after that day we played around with it. But I will tell you that I tried to use it the other day to find pictures with particular people in it. It worked OK.


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