Tuna at Midnight

So, I've been super busy, so not blogging as much. Oh, but you just wait. Break is coming soon and I am going to Russia. You know what that means? A blogging diarrhea where I let out everything I've been meaning to say for the past quarter but never had the time.

But for now look at me have delicious tuna steak and potatoes at midnight.
This picture is time stamped 11:53 PM. I kid you not. You see, I had a paper due today. So, I had been procrastinating ALL day on Tuesday just so I could stay up all night and turn it in at 11 AM on Wednesday. Oh joy. At 11:30 PM I realized I hadn't had dinner, so I had this!

My roommates, especially one particular one, are extremely relieved that I had finally used all my potatoes. I buy a lot of potatoes in the beginning of the quarter and just use them over time. I think they taste better after they had been sitting out for a while. Well, last night I finished my beginning of the quarter batch.

Oh! Paper is Kobed and I'm actually proud of it. I think it's good. Slept all day today though.