The Mangoes are Ripe

Last Tuesday Jay-Z and I got mangoes. They were on sale at Ralphs for $1 each. By Friday I decided my mango was ready to fulfill its destiny. You see, I love mangoes, but they are such ass pain to eat. You have to peel them with a paring knife making sure you're not taking off too thick of a layer; you have to cut around the pit; then you get the threads stuck in your teeth. That's why I rarely get mangoes unless I find a volunteer to cut them into bite-size pieces for me.

I am growing up and running wolves! Look at me. This is clearly the only proper way to eat a mango.

Mmm... check out this pit, nicely cleaned by yours truly. Can a knife do this good a job of getting every last bit of mango off it? I think NOT!
I am only not showing teeth because I was pretty sure I had a huge piece of mango thread stuck between each pair of teeth. Let me tell you, I had a very satisfying floss session right after this picture was taken.


  1. So, trick:

    Cut mango straight down on either side of the pit. Now you have three pieces: 2 mango 3rds with meat and 1 mango third with pit. Take knife and score each of the meaty thirds inside their shells in a tic tac toe manner. To eat the meaty thirds simply turn the shell inside out and eat off the squares. For the pit, score the ring of skin and peel away. Eat around the seed.



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