I got back from San Jose this morning. (Feels like weeks ago.) It was an awesome weekend. The best one I've had in a long time. Lots of laughs, delish food, frisbee, tree climbing, longboarding and other shenanigans with JY. Now it's BACK TO WORK time! School is great. I have a lot of work to do, but I'm feeling pretty good about it. I have a Digital Logic (CS M51A) midterm on Wednesday. I think I'm adequately prepared. Most importantly I need to catch up on my Linux projects.

Today was ultimate practice. It was a gooooood one. Awesome hard drills topped with 30 minutes of scrimmage time. My left foot hurts like a biatch. I'm making an appointment at the Ashe Center. So, one of the drills was a modified Huck drill. You run deep with defense on you. I was on the offense, Omega was D. I tapped her shoulder and ran for the disc. It was far in front and I sped up to catch up with it. I caught the disc way in front of me, my legs failed to keep up and I slid with the frisbee in my hands scraping both of my elbows, my right knee and right hip.
It doesn't look very bad and it's not. But it buuuuuurns.


  1. Your shirt has a typo. I think they misspelled "North."

  2. And why on earth would you go to San Jose?

  3. you made the catch with a full-out sprint and a layout, which is always impressive and makes you feel like a bamf ufer. unfortunately, now you've got a designated skid plate above your hip just like me.


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