Almost There

This is what I do while e-studying for my software development (CS 35L) final with Sparta. Taking pictures of myself wearing a ridiculous outfit, braiding my hair, and drinking orange-cream soda. Give me a break, it's my last final.
Flannel: Patagonia Fjord (here) (JT got me the last one in this color, had to get it shipped from Chicago. SUCKAAAAAS!)
Shirt: Threadless (here) (Gift from Mark a few years ago. Thanks, Mark!)
Cords: J.Crew (here) (Sue bought these for me at the J.Crew outlet a few years ago.)
Socks: J.Crew (here)

Did I really just mix argyle and plaid and take pictures of this atrocity, you ask? Yes. Yes, I did. I wanted to record what happens when Olga runs out of clean socks. (To make matters worse, these socks are knee-length.)

So, guess what happens tomorrow after my CS final. I leave for Russia! My final ends at 2:30 and my plane takes off at 6. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm going to be there until January 8th. (That's a week after winter quarter begins and the day we leave for our first ultimate frisbee tournament. Sa-weet!)

I leave you with this song that I've been trying to teach JT, and which, consequently, got stuck in my head.


  1. Olga!

    I love your outfit so much! Here is the blog I wrote shorty before I read yours. It also involves me in a ridiculous outfit and threadless t-shirt

  2. Have a safe flight, and say 'hi' to the Great Enigma in the East for me.


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