SICK of Being Sick

It all started with a sore throat Tuesday night. I had a salt water gargle marathon.

Wednesday morning I woke up weak, nauseous, with a slight fever and a headache. I was mainly frustrated at how weak I was and barely shuffled to class. I had no sore throat by Wednesday night.

I felt a little lightheaded on Thursday.

My cough ensued on Friday.

I lost my voice on Saturday night. (I think it was from squealing during JT's tickle attacks. Totally worth it.) It was discovered on our ride to Griffith Park Observatory when I couldn't sing "ahoowooo" during Shakira's She Wolf.

My voice has gotten better since then, cough has gotten worse.
I made a makeshift humidifier in hopes of helping this terrible cough. No such luck.

I have viral pink eye.
I woke up with sleepies glueing my left eyelids shut. This sucks.
Still coughing. UGH!


  1. The solution to your cough in two words: Eucalyptus leaves.

  2. Мама говорит: "Jason прав." Полоскание горла эвкалиптом может помочь. Я думаю, просто дыши носом и активно физически работай. Носоглотка сама будет прочищаться. Тебе надо выздороветь до приезда в Москву. У нас тут паранойя по поводу свиного гриппа. В аэропорту, если ты больна, то тебя могут не пустить. Ну, по-крайней мере, задержать на обследование. А у вас времени будет в обрез.

  3. Out of curiosity I google translated Mr. Galchenko's comment. I was quite amused at the results and must share them: Show romanization
    Mother says: "Jason rights." Gargle eucalyptus can help. I think, just breathe nose and active physical exercising. Nasopharynx itself will be cleaned. You need to recover before the arrival in Moscow. We've just got paranoid about the swine flu. At the airport, if you are ill, then you can not let. Well, in at least delay the survey. Do you have the time to be in short supply.

  4. Hm, I am amused as well! From this translation you can get an idea about what I wrote to Olga. :-)

  5. Have you gone to the health center for eye drops? They really help. Also what's up with your foot? Have you getten it checked?

  6. Мама: "Оль, можешь протереть глаз свежезаваренным чаем. Каждый глаз чистой ваткой, смоченной в заварке. Помогает. Будешь протирать 2-3 раза в день - через 2 дня пройдёт."
    Папа: "А если не будешь протирать, то пройдёт через 48 часов."
    Мама: "Болтун! Это коньюнктивит и без лечения будет продолжаться достаточно долго и можешь заразить других."

  7. Hahaha. The Internet is telling me that viral pink eye will go away on its own. It is not bothering me at all. No itching or irritation. I'm going to give it another day and then maybe start doing something about it.


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