Pink Eye Is Not So Bad

My coughing has slowed down today. My side stomach muscles are sore from all the flexing that they had to do to facilitate the persistent coughing.

Coughing has been replaced by PINK EYE! I have to say, readers, that it is much less annoying than coughing. In fact, it's kind of fun.
My eye is not irritated at all, it just looks weird. Fun thing is nobody wants to be anywhere close to you. Even MORE fun thing is roommates will not get anywhere close to your food. Knowing that fact I went out and got myself a 1/2 gallon of gelato that I started eating straight from the carton. Mmmhmm...and, oh, the comfort of knowing that nobody is going to be eating my ice cream when I'm in class.


  1. Ха-ха, последняя фотка забавная. Ольга, ты может комедию будешь делать? :-) Ну её на фиг эту учёбу! ;-)
    Интересный факт, что у мамы сейчас тоже розовые глаза. Правда, оба. А у тебя последний раз коньюктивит был в детском саду.

  2. Hi Doll!
    When will you be getting here? How are you feeling? All is well here. Hope your cold, eye, foot and neck are feeling better!!!!

  3. Dear Olga,

    I love this picture more than words can describe.

    Love, Jessica


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