Stereotypes - Always True

I love lists. (I wonder how much of this blog is me professing my "love" for things.) This love turns into hate twice a year: once a couple of weeks before New Year's and once a week before my birthday. I start making lists of things I wanted to accomplish last year but didn't and lists of failed goals continuously in my head. It's maddening. So, I'm always on a lookout for more fun lists around this time a year. Here are two that made me laugh tonight:

1) Stereotyping people by favorite author
Thomas Aquinas - premature ejaculators.
Alice Sebold - people who liked Gilmore Girls (even the first season).

2) Stereotyping people by favorite indie band
Death Cab for Cutie - girls who quote lyrics as their Facebook status.
Radiohead - everyone.

Brilliant. I saved the best for last. (I should also probably note that I don't know a lot of those authors and music bands, but the ones I do know are, for the most part, funny.)

Guess what is not going on my list of failed goals this year (I know you are all anxious to know):
- Finally play Nocturne Op. 72, No. 1 the way Chopin intended it to be played.
- Get further in learning Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2.
I am taking lessons from my old piano teacher in Russia. $6.50/hour. WADDUP, yo.


  1. Hey, the first season of Gilmore Girls was great!

  2. Hey, I got your LADWP bill in my mailbox. I brought it by, but no one was there. Will someone be there later this week?

  3. I don't know. I can ask. Can you slide it under the door?


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