Korean Culture Night

Hey, hey! What do you know? I found a place to wear a dress. Finally. I have a million pretty-pretty dresses and no occasion to wear them. E, one of my roommates, was in a play, so Jena, Jen and I decided to dress up and go to the play.
Check out this sweet "attitude". I miss ballet.

Happy roommates! I've had my share of problems with my flatmates. Thankfully, Jena and I, have had no major disagreements. Our room is like our neatness haven, and we love it. Jen stayed up all night to make pancakes for her boy-toy and ended up not dressing up, that's why she is not in the picture. (Pooper.)


  1. Sweetheart! The butterfly dress was an excellent choice. Then you combined it with your cable knit yellow sweater, that I happen to like so much. I was smiling all day thinking about how adorable you are! You have a mighty precious smile, can take that one to the bank.
    oh, and you also read the Captain Black chapter while you waited.

  2. ты просто красавица в этой одежде, но я бы выбрала колготка натурального бежевого цвета


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