Spring Quarter is Here

It's week 2 of a new quarter and I'm already swamped with work. I am taking Circuits II (EE 110), Computational Genetics (CS CM124), and Technology Management and Economics (ENGR 110). Circuits II is, by far, the hardest class. Probably the hardest EE class that I will have to take. I'm glad it'll be over with after this quarter.

Ultimate has been great. Midas made it to B-team Nationals. We're very excited. (I forgot my cleats in Agoura last weekend. I've been using Rho's running shoes and sliding around on the field when cutting.)

Jena and I have also been working hard on getting somebody to sublet our apartment for the summer. The only pictures I have from this quarter are my meals. So here. (I'm sure this is really exciting for all of you.)
Everything bagel with cream cheese, green onion, avocado and hard-boiled egg. Ahhh. Best breakfast EVER.
Spaghetti with basil tomato sauce, my own meatball (yaaay!), attempted to grate jack cheese (bad idea), french bread, fresh mozzarella (the most expensive item on my grocery list every week, but I must buy it) and tomatoes.
I finally learned how to make crepes! 3 of them have Trader Joe's raspberry jam inside. Yum.

PS. I know I haven't written anything about my spring break. It was awesome; kite-flying-ocean-swimming-indian-food-making-old-friends-ultimate-playing-Tillie-spooning kind of awesome. Here is just a glimpse of it.


  1. Tillie spooning, or Tillie and spooning?

  2. Tilly spooning. Spooning with Tilly. She even turned around and gave me kiss for the belly rubs.

  3. Tillie dog is quite the cuddler.


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