Love Was Definitely Found

I have 3 midterms this week. Agh! I'm already done with one (CS 124). I think it went very well. EE homework is due tomorrow, ENGR 110 midterm on Wednesday, and EE midterm on Thursday. I am not working or going to ultimate practice until Friday. Just studying and eating tuna-egg-salad melts and ice-cream.

M, JT and I jumping into a non-heated pool at the end of March. It was freeeeezing!

Is it summer yet?


  1. "we are polar bears!"
    I watched the music video that you shared with me again this morning. It was so good, I decided to play it's album on repeat through most of the day. It is a great summer song!

  2. вот это суперкласс!А ласточкой слабо?Маша


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