First Day of School

Ah. I can't believe it's happening. I feel like I never left and summer never happened. I have new roommates and they are AWESOME.

Allow me to introduce:
(from left to right) M, J (roommate from last year), E (V-Rock's gf), A, me. This picture was snapped right before the middle three headed out to school. (They have a 9:30 class. What's up with that?)

Rewind an hour and a half. I made a german pancake for breakfast!

E cut strawberries.

Man-handling the cake in the PAN.

This is A. She is so demure.


AHHHHHHH! I have been anxious about this day for weeks.


  1. Happy First Day of school, Babers! Don't be anxious, karate Chop.
    Mmmm, "German" pancake. I was bummed when the one I made last weekend went partially to waste because I couldn't extract it from my non-non-stick skillet. Yours looks perfect.

  2. What the what?? Your school is crazy. I've never had class that didn't start on the hour.

  3. I remember a Child Psych class at 7:40am in summer school once at UMSL.
    I like the table cloth!
    See ya later!!!

  4. Thank you, Sue! It held up pretty well during the week and the stains washed out in the washing machine.


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