Kitchen Scale (Eeee!)

Oh, my word! I have not been this excited about a product since I got my first iPhone.

(My disappointment with iPhone 4 is a subject for a post of its own.)

I've been looking around for a food scale and stumbled upon this review.

"Why does a stick of butter weigh a little more than a quarter pound? Because the wrapper is still on the butter." It's on par with "I'm on a horse" Old Spice commercials.

"It has 4 buttons...backlight - I guess for when you're cooking up a conspiracy in the dark." Ahahaha! I am going to looooove it. This review is almost as quotable as Tourette's Guy and It's Just Like a Mini-Mall.

E, are you as excited as I am?


  1. Oxo makes good products without an outrageous pricetag.
    Cooking in the dark could make you end up with au gratin potatoes thickened with powdered sugar instead of flour. Actually, that happened because a bunch of male CS graduate students were cooking it.

  2. Pizza Equality for all!! (That's me on the right.)
    Lovin' it!

  3. This guy is awesome! Woohoo, we are going to have the snazziest kitchen around.


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