Counting Days

next to Lake Baikal

I'm still adventuring half-way around the world. (Leaving Lake Baikal for Beijing today.) 3 days until I'm finally home!


  1. Three days is too quick for Baikal-Beijing-LA. I give you another week off. Make it two. Don't mention it.

    Well done on not making this a "I miss my cats" post while you are supposed to be having great adventures, but somehow you still managed to imply it rather strongly. Meanwhile your cats, being God's most perfect (i.e. narcissistic) creature, have readily forgotten you and transferred their affection to their new caretaker. Sorry!

    1. Oh, Narcissus. You're such a troll.

      1) It's Baikal --> Beijing --> Tokyo --> LA.
      2) The new caretaker ain't got shit on me. The cats miss me dearly.


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