Trans-Siberian {what to bring}

I just got back from the epic adventure that is the Trans-Siberian. I have to say, it's rough. If you are easily disturbed by weird smells, snoring people, frequently walking by dirty feet at your face level, etc (i'm just getting started) -- this is not going to be a pleasant trip. But if you can tough it, it's a pretty amazing adventure.

Here's what I would bring to ease the pain of shower-less train for 6 days and maximize the awesome...

1. Aquaphor is pure gold. All of your moisturizing needs in one tiny tube.
2. Dry shampoo. Did I mention you won't take a shower for roughly a week? I don't know about your hair, but mine turns unbearably greasy after day one. I use this dry shampoo at home all the time. I swear, my hair actually looks better on day 3. Taking it traveling was a no-brainer.  Oh, and make sure to get the non-aerosol bottle. It lasts a lot longer, and is much easier to apply.
3. Kindle Paperwhite/books. I used to be a huge Kindle nay-sayer. But after taking this on the train and reading a couple of books, I am hooked. The only advantage of the Paperwhite model is reading in the dark. (They turn the lights off in the train around 10 pm.) In no setting did I feel my eyes strain to read.
4. Snowpeak titanium double wall mug is the most important thing on the list. Every Russian train has a hot water dispenser. This mug is ridiculously light and has an insulating pocket of air between the two titanium walls, so it doesn't burn your hands even with boiling water. I ended up having something like 40 cups of tea on the train. It's safe to say this mug got a lot of use and is well worth the price. (It's also my choice for backpacking.)
5. Everlane scarf makes a very comfortable blanket/wrap. I absolutely hate the sheets that they give you on the train. (They feel stiff like paper and make my skin crawl.) So, this made for a nice and light summer sheet. Bonus: go-to wrap for stepping off the train for fresh air in the middle of the night.
6. Cucumber face wipes are super refreshing. And refreshing is somewhat of a rare and highly sought-after feeling on the Trans-Siberian journey.

Have you done this trip? Have you ever had to skip showering for an extended period of time? Any tips? I'd love to hear.

P.S. Speaking of travel hair, this adorable braid is comfortable for transatlantic flights and will stay for at least 24 hours. Also, one woman kept her hair in a braid the entire 2 weeks of her vacation. Crazy! I'd love to be able to braid hair like her.


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