Humble Return

hiking sweeny ridge

If you hadn't noticed, this is a bad, bad blog. I write, I don't write, and I don't even apologize when I disappear. Let's start with some (select) news...

1) I moved. I live in a lovely just-short-of 500 square foot patio-less apartment in San Carlos, CA. It's small, but it's really close to the Caltrain, has a gas stove, and windows for days.
2) I am absolutely in love with the SF Bay Area.
3) Cats are 3!
4) I work in a dog-friendly office on Castro Street.
5) My mama got a green card and permanently moved to the US. At the moment she is living with me in the aforementioned apartment.

I think that covers most of it. Maybe I should just do this kind of post every few months.

Now, YOU YOU YOU! What are you up to?

P.S. I just saw my first return-to-blogging post. "Rent is expensive." I had to laugh. (My rent is double now.) How young and naive...


  1. So many good news Olga! Things are really going well. And the news about your mom getting a green card - makes me so happy for you!

    1. Ahh! Me too. It's so surreal. We've worked toward this almost 11 years. Everything is finally coming together.

      Thank you, Anna. :) Hope everything is going well for you.


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