The Godfather

Have you ever seen The Godfather trilogy? The first time I watched it was on New Year's Eve of 2012. (Strange NYE movie choice, I know.) It has become one of those movies I never get tired of. I notice something new every time.

Recently, I got to watch it with a real Italian (who adores The Godfather, of course). I kept pausing it to ask her questions. It was so much fun. All the quotes rushed back to me, and I'm obsessed all over again. Trivia, anyone?

Yesterday we got to pick a new sprint theme at work. I, without hesitation, suggested The Godfather characters A minute later, it was official. "Boom! Olga makes an offer that cannot be refused. Don Corleone it is!" So stoked.

P.S. Did you know The Godfather got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes? Whoa.