Tycho Concert

photos via tycho

Do you listen to Tycho? I'm a huge fan. His music is perfect for when you're getting shit done, and for when you're just chilling. It's magical! You have to give it a listen.

He recently did a tour to promote his new album, and stopped at the Fillmore in SF. I was completely giddy with excitement for months leading up to it. I was trying to time everything just right. What would I wear? When would I wash my hair? (Do you guys do this?) And when he finally came out to play the first song, the funniest thing happened (I had to get a photo)...

...I realized that we were wearing almost exactly the same shirt! See? I was going craaaazzzyyy! Needless to say, this shirt is my favorite shirt now.

Ooooh, and the rest of the concert was totally awesome. I usually wear earplugs, and I was prepared with them this time. As soon as he started the first song, I took them out. The volume, the song selection, the background visuals were all perfect. Toward the end, he played A Walk, and I actually teared up. Listening to it now still makes me a little weepy. (Good weepy :)

Not to get all serious on you toward the end of this post, but I have to say it. I was completely surprised by how much that concert touched me. It was one of those experiences I'll never forget.