Weirdest Jobs

via anil chouhan on quora

Do you use Quora? I'm addicted. It is a major time sink for me. Especially on the days I get the weekly digest.

Last week's digest had one of the coolest questions I've seen, and I wanted to share. It asked if there were any jobs that only existed in a particular country. (The guy above is a professional ear cleaner! Ack!)

My favorite one comes from Iran...

These guys get paid to walk behind cars to obscure the license plate. How crazy! 

"Tehran traffic authorities have introduced restrictions on the amount of cars on its roads in attempt to reduce congestion and pollution in Tehran downtown. [...] Cars with number plates ending with odd numbers were restricted one day and the next day cars with number plates ending with even numbers were restricted.

Since they have started using traffic cameras to check the car plate numbers, a new strange job has formed. [...] you can easily find them on the less crowded streets which connects to the restricted area. They get money from you before you approach the traffic camera and just walk behind your car while you drive slowly."

What an adaptation!

You can read about more strange jobs here, if you'd like. (My second favorite is the elephant outfitter. :)