5 Things I'm Lovin'

In no particular order:

1) Coffee with Cardamom
I love coffee. I've been drinking way too much this summer, but I can't resist. What better way to start off your day than with a fresh cup of coffee. Well, Tessy, a big coffee drinker as well, started experimenting by putting different spices in coffee. Our favorite was grinding whole cardamom along with the coffee beans and brewing it like that. (I usually drink it black, but occasionally I like to pour a whole bunch of sweetened condensed milk in my coffee. Mmm. You know you love it, Tess.)

2) Whatever, Martha
I have to give credit to Mark for this one. This show is great and I have high standards for TV shows. The moment Mark told me about it I knew it was going to be cool. It's basically Martha's daughter, Alexis, and her friend, Jennifer, sitting around watching her shows and making fun of how ridiculous Martha is. I laugh out loud when watching it by myself. It's THAT good. You have to check it out.

3) SportHill Vista Red Shorts
I got these so cheap on backcountryoutlet.com. They were $7.34, so I HAD to get both colors. (I love the red though.) I have shorts that are three times as expensive as these and are not as comfortable. The fabric is light and soft. Best thing: the back pocket. You can't really put anything there if you're running, but it's a great place to stash my iPhone if I'm just walking around town. (Yes, I do walk around town in these. I also wear Crocs.)

Here they are in action. (Rock climbing at Stoney Point. Photo credit: JY & AH)
You can purchase these lovelies here.

4) Google Voice
It's great! My number is 530.451.OLGA. I'm not worried about creepy people calling me because a) nobody reads my blog anyway; b) I can block a number with just a couple of mouse clicks.

I haven't used it as much as I should, (I would like to set up individualized voicemail messages), but what I have used has been awesome. Check out this e-mail that I got. This was the first voicemail I received on this number. Google transcribed it for me almost perfectly (the parts that it screwed up on I couldn't understand clearly either) and delivered it straight to my mail. GENIUS!
I also took advantage of the international rates on google voice. I decided to try it out one day at school. I loaded up $10 on my account and dialed my parent's number in Russia. I talked to my dad on my iPhone for 30 minutes for $1.50. Yea-ha! AT&T can blow me.

5) Moose Tracks Ice Cream
It has fudge tracks and peanut butter cups in it. Need I say more? GET IT AT VONS RIGHT NOW!


  1. I be sending YOU a google voice mail!

  2. -> I agree, Google voice is pretty amazing (even though I didn't the number I wanted). How was the call quality when you called Russia?

    -> Moose Tracks are great...but I have hard time choosing it over mint-chocolate-chip

  3. "How was the call quality when you called Russia?"
    It was pretty good.

  4. "How was the call quality when you called Russia?"
    It was pretty good.

    Thanks. I suppose I'll give it a try.


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