Another thing I almost forgot. I came to the apartment with a whole bunch of groceries. I had eggs, some brownie mix and coconut milk in one of the bags. Well, first, that bag got left in the car for a couple of hours. Oops. Not a big deal. We brought it in. OR SO WE THOUGHT! I remembered the bag going into the elevator. I lost track of it after that. As we were unpacking Sue remembered that that carton of eggs really needed to get into the refrigerator pronto. We looked everywhere for it with no results. Barry looked in the elevator and in the hallways. I actually saw a Target bag (where the eggs were supposed to be) in the apartment building trash can and started frantically going through the trash in hopes that the eggs would be there. No such luck.
We gave up on it thinking that we must've left the bag in the hallway and somebody took it. Well, this morning I get up and start going through the cabinets and there it is! I found the stupid ass eggs. I put them in the refrigerator although I don't know if they're safe to eat anymore. I have a feeling that they are. I mean, what if a hen lays an egg in the evening. You don't check for eggs then, you check for eggs in the morning. So, the egg had been sitting there overnight and it's still fine. Right? Right? I will definitely try it. What do you think?


  1. They are just fine Olga.
    Mi madre, who was an Agricultural Inspector for a while, says that eggs can be unrefrigerated for up to about a week but that the longer they are out the lower the "grade" will be. So they will lose their quality a bit but should be safe to eat.


  2. Thanks, Kate! That's good to know.

  3. I was totally going to tell you something along the lines of what Katie said, but she said it so quaintly. But yeah, in England they actually don't refrigerate their eggs at all. At the grocery store they are kept on the dry shelves and when you take them homw you just put them in the cabinet. When I told my British friends we refrigerated them in America they couldn't understand why. Also, they do not make cookies there.

  4. Hahaha. Jessica. "Also, they do not make cookies there." I love you so much!

  5. Девчонки правы. Яйца так быстро не портятся. Когда ты была маленькой (или тебя вообще ещё не было), мы часто вообще не клали яйца в холодильник. До тех пор пока однажды мы не продержали их несъеденными слишком долго (и возможно они уже куплены были не первой свежести), и они у нас испортились. А тогда яйца были дефицитом. Их ещё надо было суметь купить. С тех пор мы тоже стали класть их в холодильник.


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