I want somebody to pinch me and to tell me the past 2 days were just one sick dream that we could wake up from.
(Pictures taken by JY. 09/18-20/09)

Austin Plummer, I wish I could tell you how much everybody misses you. Your family, Fraz, James and other people, whose names I don't even know, would do anything to have you back. Most of the time I'm in denial, but when it hits me it hits me hard. I miss you so much.

F: "Get up." *kicking Austin in his sleeping bag*
A: "I'm going to fucking cut you, fool."

You will never leave my heart, Asstan.


  1. Unfortunately, I never had the honor to meet him.
    Though, with friends like you, he will be remembered with the greatest thoughts and memories in mind.

    One can't hope to achieve much more than that; and that, Austin has achieved.

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your good friend.


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