And We're Off

School is off to a great start. I am all moved in. (Not to be confused with "settled in". That has not been accomplished at this time.) I am yet to unpack 2 boxes of kitchen stuff and get accustomed to sleeping in my new (ever so soft and awesome) bed with new sheets, in a room with no air conditioning and low ceiling and a strange person within 2 feet of me. Gone are the days of blasting Arcade Fire, Beyonce and Bob Dylan at midnight just because I feel like it. After I finished talking to my parents (whispering is more like it) I had to tip toe into my dark bathroom just to soundlessly take my electric toothbrush and remove myself from MY room and MY apartment to brush my teeth out in the hall so that the hum of my toothbrush wouldn't wake up my roommates. Better safe than sorry.

Make no mistake, I am happy to be living with people. If I had to move into an apartment all by my lonely self I would probably stay up crying most of the night, then take my sleeping bag and go out sleeping with the bums of Westwood just so I wouldn't be alone.

My classes have greatly exceeded my expectations. I am in love with my professors. (ESPECIALLY Dr. Nahapetian. This lady is so great that I actually WANT to do classwork, which, mind you, is very tedious right now. Also, she knows my name!) I have not had my artificial intelligence class yet. We'll see how that goes.

I am in the library right now getting a head start on my already heaping homework (or blogging and making faces at my computer).
I have an Ultimate Frisbee team meeting tomorrow. I am very, very excited for that. I will most likely blog about how that goes tomorrow.

IT'S WEEK 1! I am beyond happy to be back in school and excited for the following 10 weeks.


  1. It sounds like you are off to a great start! I do remember those days of new roommates and not quite knowing what you can do yet. I hope you have a great semester!

  2. Эта Нахапетян на самом деле такая молодая или это фотография старая? Она говорит по-русски? И по какому она предмету?

  3. She really looks THAT good in real life. I don't know if she speaks Russian. She is my Digital Systems professor.


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