Alive and Well

photo by my awesome friend, JZ

Hmph, that last post was a quite a downer. But I made some goals (think: get a haircut) to accomplish before I am a year older and, suddenly, I feel better. And really, I've made a ton of progress in the last year (living by myself is fun -- wheeeee, i am part of a startup -- double wheeee, my salary increased by 40% -- half a wheeee, i went to wwdc -- triple, quadriple wheeee). There is really nothing I can do about getting older, so I might as well not have puffy eyes over it.

does anybody actually click these: youtube | spotify | itunes | rdio

PS. I really like this song and annoy people all day by humming the part that starts here.


  1. that DRESS. where where where??

    (and happy anniversary of your existence! xoxo)

    1. Oh, the dress. I fell in love as soon as I saw it. It's this one from Madewell. They really nail the dresses over there. Don't you think?

      (and thank you, you're really sweet. Thankfully, it's not until the 31st.)


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