Quitting Caffeine

photo via theyardpdx 

I get caffeine headaches when I don't drink coffee/tea in the morning. I don't drink caffeinated beverages because I'm tired, or it helps me wake up (it doesn't), I just like the taste. I really, really don't like the fact that I now need that cup to not have a headache for the rest of the day, so, this Monday, I decided to stop.

The mean ache arrives promptly at 3 PM every day, and doesn't go away until I fall asleep. Considering I've been going to bed at around 2 AM, that's 11 hours of pain briefly interrupted by me trying to squeeze my own head (I must look ridiculous, but it works, I swear).



  1. Just a tiny bit of heroin could help with those withdrawal pains.

    Did you have to cold turkey? WE ARE SPARTA!


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