Packing for Russia


These are the clothes that I'm taking on my 3-week Trans-Siberian trip across Russia. Since I'll be on the move most of the time, I'm only taking a carry-on suitcase. The clothes ended up taking up half of the space. The rest is for gifts I'm bringing for my family, and entertainment for the long train journey.

Although it was really difficult to edit my packing list to just these pieces, I tried to keep these packing tips in mind. (That's why you see a lot of black!) I think this is going to be more than sufficient, especially since I get to do laundry at home in Penza.

If you'd like to see, the itemized packing list is after the jump!
From left to right:
- rain jacket (patagonia)
- swim top + bottoms (j. crew)
- linen sweater (madewell)
- happy socks (x2)
- sleeveless chambray (madewell)
- oaxaca tank (madewell)
- men's linen shirt (everlane)
- converse
- striped tee (madewell)
- skirt (madewell)
- t-shirts (x4) (everlane)
- black midi shorts (madewell)
- baggie shorts (patagonia)
- mom jeans (madewell)
- ecru (off-white) jeans (j.crew)
- charcoal chinos (j.crew)
- essential scarf (everlane)
- chambray dress (madewell)

not pictured:
- silk button-down (everlane)
- hoodie (patagonia)
- leopard flats (tieks)
- "french girls' converse" (bensimon)
- sandals (everlane)
- the belt that rules all belts (madewell)

I will be on my way to Malmö, Sweden tomorrow morning. I'm so scared (and I'm not even sure of what).


  1. Мама просит прислать тебя твою фотку после стрижки.

  2. Olga. I cannot wait to see your photographs from the trans-siberian rail trip. I have always dreamed about it! Счастливого пути!


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