New Birthday Tradition


I'm usually inexplicably bummed on my birthday. But today I'm in London. And before the day is over I'll be in Malmö, Sweden. Today is too special to be bummed. Sure, I wish I were better, and accomplished more by now. But I truly have a fun life, and am grateful for it.

I took a cue from the wise Mindy Kaling and donated to my two favorite charities (watsi and kitten rescue) today. New birthday tradition? I think yes.

PS. I'm 23 today. Does that mean I'm in my mid-20s? That scares me. Why don't they ever say mid-10s?


  1. Happy birthday beautiful lady! It looks like it's already a birthday out of the ordinary. Have a wonderful time in London and Malmö. Will you be visiting Norway too? (And we worry too much about our ages these days :) I would be in my late 20's - scary!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Olga! 23 is not mid-20's, 23 is still just a kid. 24 on the other hand ...

  3. Happy birthday! Have a fun trip!


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