Box Cut Tee


I feel like all I talk about is Everlane. But, honestly, I wear their stuff daily (mostly in the form of one of three box cut tees that I own, but today it's the cardigan), I think their clothes/accessories make a perfect gift for a friend, and they're just a company that kicks serious ass.

Given that there aren't a lot of photos of normal people (non-models) wearing their clothes, I thought I could contribute a little something to the internetz. Today I'm posting about my very favorite Everlane product -- the box cut tee.

By the way, did I tell you I ruined my beanie?? It was such heart break. Here's how to have the worst day ever:
- take the most perfect beanie ever camping and make sure it gets really smelly
- start the laundry when you get home
- let your sweet brother take stuff from the washer and put it in the dryer
- wake up to find the most perfect beanie turned into the most perfect beanie for a newborn

front IMG_8156 IMG_8161

Sizing: I like medium in this cut. (Even though I usually wear a small.)
Cut: perfectly cropped. Can wear it untucked, tucked, or half tucked -- my fave.
Fabric: dryer friendly. I recently got a new one and compared the sizing against one that's been through dozens of laundry cycles. No difference. After a year of weekly wear, they've held up really well.
Little things: rolled sleeves and chest pocket -- thumbs up.

One note: I did notice that their black box cut is softer. The label says it's Supima cotton. I ordered another navy shirt (my old one had a bleach stain) thinking that they switched all their shirts to Supima, but no dice. It's plain cotton. Still awesome, but not as awesome.

Have you tried Everlane's t-shirts? Did I mention they're only $15?